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The Japanese PR | Manga Sensei

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yo mean assign and welcome to the mangasince a podcast and ChannelI'm your host John sensei today is agreat day we're starting to talk alittle more about advanced Japanese someparticular things regarding yourJapanese resume today we're gonna betalking about the first part of three ofthe Japanese resume things that youshould know first that part that we'regoing to talk about today is called thePR the PR is the basically say shortusually story or experience that givesthe potential employer an example ofyour character usually of your abilityto do something a good example of a PRwould be so on those like I grew my mycompany from X to X by doing this thisis how I did it it's usually writtenvery similar to a Japanese essay in facthowever how you write it and what youwrite in are very very important let'sbreak it down the first part you shouldknow about your PR is that it should befairly short one-page at max you don'twant a long PR there should be somethingthat you're diverse can see read us alittle bit about you and learn aboutwhat kind of person you are this PR willoften be asked to be read or evenexplained in the interview let me giveyou an example I would if I were in aJapanese in interview they would ask meto the read my PR and talk about or mostlikely they ask me to tell me about myPR where I would give this experienceI've been PRS for example on helpinggrow companies from X to X and followerson some social media or for helping growtheir podcast for example as I havegrown mine this is my little story nowwhat I'll most likely do is what Imentioned the beginning and what imagineat the end are it going to be the verysame thing and these are going to beused to relate my feelings and alsorelay how this can benefitI want to benefit this company its angletowards the company that's a very veryimportant part one thing to identifywhen doing this is a some particularvocabulary that you should probably usethings like what hashas should be usedover Booker things like moss and sshould be used instead of playing formJapanese this is the Japanese you'vemost likely learned in school this isthe time where it actually becomes veryuseful an example of this would beinstead of sayingkung fu got nice and nina Dodoma theymeet nobody musta know but she must thatwould be a great example of how I woulduse my own humble form of Japanese sayan obedience I'm just saying it grew orextended to that percentage there's alsoa really good time - you almost brag onyourself Japanese is a very humblesociety and often either raising up theother person or you're lowering your ownpersonal status so that you can benefitor show honor to a person or even justrespect to a person both are just finehowever the great part about this PR itallows you to explain how you can be abenefit and how you have experience touse in the pastthis can be raising your Japanese LPDtest scores from and 3 to n - this couldbe simple as get joining the schoolpaper or simply talking and getting asales meeting any of this is just finebut you want to give about a fiveparagraph very short and succinct essayabout what you shoot about what yourbenefit is to this company now how doesthis differ from oujet a normal Englishcover letter English cover letter you'reusually explaining things that aren'tfound on your resume this should be usedto more embellish your resume men'shedidn't highlight things that are onthere so they can focus in on what likewhat you believe is most important forthem another very important thing aboutthis PR is because it's written down italso gives them an idea of when you'rewriting capacity as a foreigner and - itallows you to almost become morepersonal for them as Japanese businessesmany of the Acacia in Japan are veryvery strict and rigorous this is a verygood opportunity to kind of break thatbarrier down a little bit and show themyour creative side now the last thingI'll mention about meinez PR is to make sure you know itdon't make things up it's always that onyour resume and I hear about 50% ofpeople's opposing Lee lying on theirresume this PR is an experience they'llask you about so make sure you canmention the numbers make sure that youcan recite it to them not necessarilyverbatim but be able to tell them thethings that are on it in a way thatmakes you sound friendly as well asintelligent that's very very importantwith that though I will sign off makesure to follow us like and subscribe andwe'll tokine si motion you know whenthey put it a night another much gidcriticized so their job[Music]

Learn Japanese and get a job. What is a PR? How do you make one? And how is it used? We talk about all that stuff in 5 minute.

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