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what's good guys Stan uses double zeroherethe final monkey chapter 369 wisheslegit it's good it's a shame to see usgo man like is such a great series a dochapter them out you know let's talkabout my thoughts on the series so wesee a cover page you know eyeballMarianas and align it I really love thisreally starts on Sunday at least I'mlike jump you know they give the seriesending of the kerf age the grand finaleof extreme adventure it's a color pagewhere you got I love you hurry babyplease begins the hero who destiny webegin this new being denied we workingon in the last chapter I'm sorry whatyou don't know why why you ask as youcan see our new home is about to read hewas sad a wedding dress and stuff likethis since everyone is videodeconstruction let's postpone theceremony who cuz I'll do the restanyway let's make our official yeah Ithink Paul it's not a horse it yeah weshould postpone it live on Sky bloodjust as important for girls are formaloccasions aren't there I think workingafter consider Marianas feelings have tokeep release my own work about oh my godI want to be like such a badass he clickhe can be like like Annika Hansenmoments of being an amazing cake youlike the path like the previous twochapters right but then like I boughtthe goofy like this or I love that partbottom especially now that didn't saygay hey it's something wrong well Ididn't Buju not a muscle Vasari'sanymore I'm just a simple merchant twomonths haha passes about of two monthshave passed since that battle by bombertrain company is now helping toreconstruction all over the world everyday we trade robber tools from east towest all of us say it's also looksreally beautiful today huhthis is this is the time for me to getback to work people look at us are youalso does the top rotation circle forfor our romano's active brain EmpireRomano hello this time our train companyI bought you this oh let's cook you waslike she's stressed I'm working I saidall night so I'm totally be there shouldbethe word cking akina's Andrea ha heyeveryone's very good ah Lord Toritoyou're making too many control ahcontroversial statementswhat's fart is all are you are you herein place of your father we have to makea new census and rewrite theConstitution - damn it tiny look busyhello ball we can't rest have torearrange our country's due to thisunprecedent landscape so yeah battle axdidn't have huge implications you knowhe's right I'm glad we stopped that westopped the magic there are tens theworld to the rock to rock by destroyingthose dungeon towers but what's themagic vanish the worst terrain changeI'm a completely unpredictable waylooks like the globe's countries likelooks like they just we could fitreconfigured so what we see damn like Zig messed up we see what we seelike balls of water like pointy assmountains let's took the place ofmountains and plateaus rose from theSeas but not really no one really knowswhat's what no one really knows what theright National Board should be now yeahthat's kind of weird and I understandwhy these issues in order to assure thestability of their people all thenation's leaders have put aside theirdifferences and working to build to getto working together to rebuild OSEDrakon oh my body returned to theform to fry to assimilation forhousehold whistle Sinbad are you reallyare you God with the time master oh yeahbecause the whole metal vessel thing gotruins the dress comes back to his humanform no I don't like too much of ourmaster upset so I'm sorry I didn't doanything even though I understood Ican't lie my master anymore ohstirrer or is this black enriches thesame bad they're looking at be exact isdoing for man you're actually prettybadass Drakon in human form not gonnalie this shark on a wood elf thefinale's sin I know they made I knowthey will be back someday that's at thefar say a well everyone's here doing thebest I see by the way I bought my nameis Fergie on oh oh yeah I got suspendedright Haku you smug face knocker you didit I wonder how about that woman's heartsuch a fickle thing look at this onefaces eyes aha everyone's giving[Laughter]please you idiotyou ever see before I go yes he's so badbad hey Kasim what do you think oshikasee about this new world I mean rightnow the best among the best magiciansaround the world are researching themagic to break two dimensions one daythe time will come for us to be able togive the other world we still knownothing about what that happens we stillbe sacred by difference between them andus I mean we're all different but theone we're born well for that very reasonwe're able to change I don't think thatbeing different is something to be sadabout anymore that's a recurring themein the seriesoh he's discussing hearing I don'twant to choke you seen the new bulb atmy weddingwell the ceremonies respond anyway Heywell is it anyone's fault after alllet's go back close Empire suburbs areof crucial oh that's actually cute Ithink that I lost my like single babylike a girl away from her baby you knowI saw I bought once I don't believe Idon't believe him hey I'm back welcomehi Bubbaoh she has two lame dress and he'sshocked I said nice to him just not tolie don't look for you just like mama myflower gasps did so you see something[Laughter]like what off you know we didn't haveany wedding gowns so the preparationstook a lot of effort and it's not like Idid not it's not like I did it for youknow it really super Jana a lot in askto be so I could refuseAladdin good free Ali Baba no I livealso a lot it did a lot it all that thisis later than expected but less you getI about would work out his weddingwell that's actually really touching oohgo sit at the sacred violence Oh is heso good dude Aladdin you have to returnto the surfacethat's the wish I I decide out of my ownwill just go well we'll meet again oneday it's it's all right you became anadult you'll be able to realize yourwisheseven with the power of the sacredphallus what is your wish become myfriendoh it's actually the Oh like about thator it's a touch you can either use italone at this timeseries now had a whole bunch of friendsthat I've already on every good hookeryou say what's so happy at the weddingread Jesus and world still goes onno I see you non-oecd daughter - oh hiRyder after the Great Rift disappearedalong the sacred palace the borderbetween the constant vanished making itpossible to come and go to DarkContinent OLS a different reason DarkContinent okayAladdin iBomber I got involved withpeople around the world open the gatewayto a vast yet unknown land and set forthon a journey of new adventuresMaggie and and then one more toward aworld of their own creation theautomatic inventor the magician ofcreation and the people around them andsheer so you see all the volume coversurpassed and until now it's over allthat's itit's overthis series holds a special place in myheart- you're honest it really does from thejumpI'm thirsty years ago I stare at a 14February not that from the jump I needan anime to like like refill the void myheart after his stash box I watched anactive L and read the whole series orDecember 2013 they I had a point and wewere watching everybody really sees Ibecame your favorite you get a void andlet's see if they have to give Tom ittook you a while to get out of that run- I saw she was active out after andwatched it I said yo I need something tolike release the void and yeah I'll tryhim out a report everywhere wasn't thatgood to me my opinion about orthat good if stuff to other seriousright the one day I'll cut you all rightI came across Milwaukee okay let's startthis episode what I was hooked it alland that really I think that that isable to fill the void in my heart NicoleI it is that sounds cheesy as it is butI was able to fill the void my heartDevon Keary I just had that had thatsense of a refectory you know and I wasannoyed about the fights you know wasalways about the fight I feel likemonkey was really character driven rightI lied adalah Bala most has a neutraltime district analysts were fantastic -you know least the way that I promisedkitchen was handled is that he he hewasn't the uptight up world guy you knowand I bother knew that by himself Toledoso that's not like you know like everykitchen does it understands his oldflaws and such - it was really like thekitchens were very relatable - rightand just like in real girls freedoms -she started out as a slave girl - she'svery quiet reserved but slowly she saidover to others - and I liked how her herand Ally bonds relationship start togrow slowly slowly lose Kalkasmall bird type of thing you know andthen they got married again I'm veryhappy about that too you know and I talkabout the character of a lot in hestarted out no and just see me at theend how he has so many friends out likeall your friends you know and he finallygot that - man after they shout - shouldall talk for actually make him grow upin making the characters grow throughoutthe series you know often miniseriesyou're not a bad thing kids like age ofthe series well at least see likebecause when you really series theenergy go off like five years plus aweekideally we could see you go as a seriesgood luck you I did it'd be cool to seethe kitchens grows as years go on youknow at least I hear growing up and youkind of growing up withwith the characters - so are we likethat - Sinbad I wish she's showing offin the last chapter my first sitting asa character was handled splendidly s--freakin splendidly you know like you wassure like for the whole time right everycity we got I should do so the sure he'sa good guy or a bad guy but in manageyou just found out that he had his ownconvictions and his own goals and itsgoals were very relatable I understandwhy he achieved those goals you knowenough time I thought maybe we shouldknow we talk a good road soon to saidbad but end of the day is it's the wholething of destiny you know destiny andagain and when it was explained I saidthat it made perfect sense and like - Ithink I saw the fighter afraid of -Aladdin I bought mr. Dockery with footwas figured fantastic I remember doingthat before I start my youtube channel Iwas all like oh I wish I was able to lierack and talk about that those chats wasthose chapters were friggin never sogone like like oh like the dissipationyou know it man it's like after sex overtaco because the sea star in 2009 andit's at UM 17 for the nine years thatshe put in and I would like and I'veadmired I've been reading this seriesthat I watched the series it's 2014that's the stakes row we talk foranything she put in you know throughthicket then you know being among amongthe COS not easy and it seemed like sheended her on her own way it was a fun Icould free doll I couldn't better my inmy opinion you know but so it wasn't badwas a little solid no solid if I finnado Solly's a selection over talking didand in her own right you know I see likethe way and it was kind of open endingI'm not sure she would wake up are twoor Katoon continue it on well not noteven sure should make another on her ownwork how to say thank you snow we talkfirst I need you put in you know youdevote all these great characters allthese be a memory start to series - I'mnot sure about the adventurous in that Idon't think adventures of Sinbad isending soon - I think it's a lot leftbut Mossi 9 years 9 - say thank youagain show Wataugayou know such great characters suchgreat moments like the way it washandled like it's socially like I neverseemed really anyone see somethingreally bad about Maliki to be honest -because the way I handle again it's it'sadventure Shonen right which is the wayI handle it steams you know destiny youknow destiny is a big part in artistslike so talked we as human beings thinkthink about destiny - sometimes like youwhat is our role as this is does thishappen to you in my life because oh it'sit's destiny is it I was supposed tohappen and Sinbad like sometimes like Icatch it like a what a question justdestiny wash I lived through someone'sideals you know and it's interesting tosee how that unfolded you know and if itseems our destiny that's are for me likeI really loved about Molly just I tackleup the whole theme of this need you knowto be honest and like even even beingbirth and like many lineage with Cosimanow above all that was done splendidlyto all the characters were very sauce toJude are I love would you door huh curioto talk to you like again like his hisexecution I kicked her you start off badlike you like I feel like his executionis lab Ben and Sasuke to be honestbecause Allah Jastas on were justifiedin my opinion - I sure love the way aHopkins kitchen was just really handled- you know Sherlock just did a reallygreat job this series overall you know Iought to give the Seas 9 out of 10 Icomplete 9 out of 10 a longdifferent start to beginningI never say all this game garbage thegame once uncle game but I reallyenjoyed it too early and join a lot ofthe chat about the chapters when I wasreading it look easy give me the seasonout of 10 you know it's a shame you knowto see it go out legit I really lovereading it every week again like whenshe's doing the same that stuff's like Istart what destiny eyes I really lovedlike look complicated and lots of coolstuff you know mr. date / - its Rick italready know at least i've all i got itwas it was able to rain margiana youknow I got you on it I'll and it has twoends now I like everything's opened onus like an open roll now and it seemslike the world is is it's going to abetter place now and you know thatthat's what it looks like you knowwithout the word is there we knowoneself to the world is heading in abetter place in the manga world and Isay thank you again shall we talk up forthose nine years I'm gonna miss the Seasa loss of least last year what again oneof my favorites too I lost monkey one ofmy favorites too now soon I hope goodtalk I think probably good Thomas nextyou know and it's a shame I steal a lotof my favorite series on my channel thatI talked about in review there and beingout I think I need to find new contentsooner or later I think to be honest andjust like I just need another series tobe honest three you know a lot sure takeworried boku no hero my haircuz I really enjoy how to reform but Isee that kiss is used to replace thevoid that is Maggie because Maggie welljust a really great series you know andfor what I read for all mine people wholike Maggie or some logging fans theyfeel the same wayMaki just oh just good all for all justreally good you know the series wasexecuted splendidly like really I havelike I have torch a good things to sayabout main to see like the fan art may Iwish it were not a bit more longer to behonest well of course to hold the top ofthe whole process of differentdimensions maybe it could be somethingmore but that's that's I really call ita flaw because I got this long reallylove to be desired but again it's forlike more time to think of one in War Iand I feel that's a good thing you knowwhen the series Adolphe in a way likereached weeks one or one anymoreat least it makes you like say oh I knowokay like if I saw what a lot more thatmean I still really love the series youknow so that's that's the way I look atit you know like I don't you know agreeSurat al-baqarah you know let's go saythank you guys for the past two yearswho would follow me on my channel youknow I started wonky at the start of ourchannel thank you guys when we'rewatching reviews call me think of myreviews or hekawis you know dislikeslikes you I really appreciate that tooand secure everybody hungry foreverybuggy who has been supporting thisseries actually right now yeah I'm goodagain thank you for everyone who hasbeen supporting moggy supporting theofficial release and just you know justlike whether if you read us online orjust if you bought the stops it's likehe just supporting raangi any differentway even though the scale is we don'thave an official weekly release you knowso at least if you read scans at leastpeople don't at least provide the scansfor you you know shelter people who atleast a lot of manga so we stillhaven't released to get the West soagain you know so first official releasekid involved i'ma try and do that if youknow the money if I had what thefunds to do that cuz silly but I getthank s for supporting the series Ireally appreciate you guys we're able toget this in the West it's such ablessing too because we are we can askfor more volumes in my closet it's justlike I have I don't have that much roomon my shelf anymore but I got it thisC's holds a special place in my heartyou know so many great catches againthis is my boy man Harry character theseries on the bottom at Edie and I don'ttalk to good cause the new work she doesI'm definitely to support it the firstshow on Sunday they don't cancel seriesas much as shounen jump so she comesback on sore shoulder Sunday at least weknow her series gonna go out for quite awhile longer you know so a rough thisoff I think I've been talking for toolong thank you again shall we talk ofrevenge your foot in thank you everybodyfor the green monkey for so long I haveto say guys take us for watchingsubscribe like and if you guys are justbeen watching my channel for monkeyI really it and if you guys want towatch my channel after I don't likeagainst you guess choice a lot this isjust it was really it was so freakinggood and has a place in my heart youknow that's all good that's all I couldsay to be honest you know so I guesswatching subscribe like Teletubbiesnon-stop blah blah I tell you some ofyour favorite moments fairy charactersand was decision and see you know it's ashame manthanks for watching at least I Babaeveryone else is happy thank you againso we'll talk a peace

Thank you everyone who has been watching my magi vids and been supporting the series. Thank you Ohtaka for all the memories I will miss this series 100%. I hope she makes a part two or something but I am satisfied with the story. All the great characters we encountered, the journeys, and the adventure. SUB, LIKE, AND SHARE!

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